the TEACHABLE FILE (tTF) is a working catalog of alternative art schools and a reference on education-as-art. The file delivers and demonstrates its subject by acting as both a resource for teaching and a student of its users. It forms and reforms itself through communicative action and engaged research. It is what it is; it will be what it will be.
The file was conceived in the bookshelf of The Mountain School of Arts (Los Angeles) and grew in residence at Bétonsalon (Paris).
tTF is currently building in the MoMA Library (New York). Materials, ephemera (and your contact info) may be submitted to:
MoMA Library
11 W. 53rd St.
New York, NY 10019

brief statement on v3 of the TEACHABLE FILE, conceived and developed with

December 7 2013
New York

tTF has always favored a simple structure. tTF is more impressive in its weight than its complexity. tTF is finding it awkward to separate the forms it is looking at: the school, program, course, curriculum, publication, list, guide, essay.

tTF previously referred to Programs and Resources; it is now thinking around just one organizational principle: the Path.

Like a file path leads a user to a file, so do courses, programs and schools lead us to knowledge.’s underlying API could be described as lists of lists, an ever-referential organizational space; tTF is similarly a space of paths.’s admirable anti-hierarchical structure, universal modularity and ease-of-use would require major overhauls to the platform for it to behave like a full consumer database system — which was not within the scope of this collaboration. Instead, tTF learned from’s amorphousness (at the cost of more granular sorting) and has developed a custom dropbox tool to ease editing. The resulting platform is mutable, so that the structure may reflect the paths of our curiosity.


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Special thanks to the Dorothea L. Leonhardt Foundation, and to those who helped build this version of the site: Damon Zucconi, Charles Broskoski and Dan Brewster